What is it like coming home after 6 months in Spain?


Kitsilano neighborhood Vancouver, Canada

My husband Terry, our Yorkshire terrier Amy Lou and I, have been back from Spain since May 1st. Six months away from home is a long time. What is it like to be back, you may wonder? It first feels a little weird. It may sound cliché but you do come back changed a little.

Luckily, we returned to a sunny and exceptionally warm month of May in Vancouver. We did not see rain for a month and had few cloudy days. This made for an easier transition and nice welcome home.

Vancouver is such a beautiful city where everything is lush and green. We really enjoy the ubiquitous bike lanes and renewing with our active lifestyle. It is amazing to see that it is the most insignificant things that you miss, like the grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart (I know, this is silly eh!), the variety of restaurant cuisine, and of course your own stuff! Your bed, your home, your pots and pans and everything that you have accumulated instead of just what can fit in a large suitcase.

Like I said, six months is a long time and because we liked Nerja and the Costa  del Sol so much, it felt like we “cheated” a little on Vancouver. It feels like we fell in love and now have a mistress in Nerja. Spain has stolen our heart. Ha Ha!

Jokes apart, Vancouver and Canada in general is such a great place to come back to and the summer weather is usually quite nice. We didn’t really want to leave Spain but we are happy to be back especially knowing that we will be right back in beautiful friendly and warm Nerja in November!

Hasta Luego!! I will continue the blog posting in the fall. Thank you for following us on our retirement journey!

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