Do we feel like we would have stayed in Spain instead of returning home to Canada for the summer?

Vancouver’s Burrard bridge and downtown in the background on one of my daily long city walks.

Coming back home to Vancouver from a glorious 6 months in Spain for the second time feels even stranger than the first time.  We bought a house on the costa del sol last January and very much enjoyed our incredible new winter home for 3 months before returning to Canada.  We did not feel like coming back this time of course, leaving this beautiful house and garden and the already summer weather.  

Friends asked:  do you wish you were still there?  Yes of course.  Who wouldn’t! But we know very well that we are in the “honeymoon” phase and it is normal to feel this way.  Returning to beautiful Vancouver is equally elating after adjusting for a few days.  Canada in the summer months is not a bad place to come back to and it feels so nice to be back home to friends and a lifestyle we love.  

Vancouver is a great place to be in the summer for the warm but not too hot weather, pristine beaches, outdoor cafés, foodies worthy restaurant, healthy cheap eats, magnificent outdoors, walking everywhere, biking the ubiquitous bike lanes, happy hour with friends, the live concerts, the summer festivals, getaways to glorious nature and the wonderful friends gathering! 

As I described last year, it is somewhat discombobulating to be back.  It takes a little time to adjust.  In the end, Nerja Spain feels like a lover and Vancouver a spouse/partner you love and are loyal to.  So we have two loves and feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy both.  We hope to continue to be able to travel the world, go to Spain in the winter and return to our beloved home Canada 🇨🇦!

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