Amy Lou’s perspective on 6 months in Spain

Hi, it’s me Amy Lou, the Super Model of la Costa del Sol! Ha Ha! That is what my mom calls me because I am the most photographed dog in Spain with my stylish sun glasses.

My mom and dad brought me with them to Spain for the winter and I was nervous at first but I feel right at home now. I too love Spain, here is why.

  • I can go anywhere with my mom and dad except museums.

  • Spaniards love dogs, they smile at me a lot and they tell me how cute I am everywhere I go.
  • I am welcome on all restaurant terraces and even inside in many. Mom usually puts me in a tote when her food arrives which I like because I can rest and peek out the window while my parents eat their meals.

  • They eat lots of fish in Spain, I like it because my mom always keeps a little for me including the lovely crispy skin.
  • There are many yorkies here and small dogs. Big scary dogs are rare.
  • It rarely rains here and when it does, it doesn’t last all day so I rarely have to walk in the rain.
  • I don’t have to wear a wet and smelly rain coat everyday.
  • I have had no skin allergies this year and no ear infection.
  • It is sunny a lot and I love the warm sun.
  • We live in a house in Spain with a beautiful walled garden where I can run around unleashed. There are no coyotes or eagles to be worried about. Just stray cats to chase away.

  • I made a new friend. Her name is Perri and she gave me a lovely Flamenco dress! I gave her my second pair of sunglasses.

  • We go on day trips and getaways a lot and my parents take me with them everywhere. I like snoozing comfortably in the car.

  • And the number one reason why I like Spain and traveling with my parents is that there are lovely new smells everywhere and lots of pee-news to discover!

Please like my post, it is my first one!

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