We finally made it to the famous Nerja Caves!

After waiting for a full rainy day or a visitor who wanted to go with us, we decided it was time we made it to the famous Nerja caves. What a surprise!! The caves are huge with an incredible display of stalagmites and stalactites of all shapes and impressive shades.


The Nerja cave is actually a series of caverns covering 5 kilometres and is home to the largest stalagmite in the world, a 32 meter high column.

The caves were discovered in 1959 by 5 local boys who noticed a flock of bats coming out of a cave. One of the boys, squeezed inside the very tight spot to see what was there, and made the phenomenal discovery. Once inside, the brave boys, found themselves able to descend to a huge cavern where they discovered a number of skeletons next to some ceramic pottery. Take a look at the skeleton of a 20 year old female from approximately 300BC.


The caves are quite large and impressive to walk through. The main cave is so large that it forms an amphitheater where concerts and ballets are regularly held in the summer.

Prehistoric paintings were also found in the cave as well and in February 2012 it was announced that possibly the Neanderthal cave paintings date back 42,000 years.

The Nerja caves are one of Spain major’s tourist attractions and we now know why!




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