What is the weather like in southern Spain in the fall?

We got here on November 1er and so far, we had one cloudy half day and an evening of thunderstorm.  I did not have to use my umbrella in 3 weeks!  This is a first for me.  In fact, this is the longest stretch of sunshine I have ever been exposed to in my entire life.

The days are very bright, sunny and warm.  Shorts or a light dress is what you need to dress in.  You may need a wrap in the shade or light cardigan.  In the sun, it can be just too hot.  Terry and I find that we need a hat and definitely sunglasses.  It is very bright.

The nights are cool however.  You need a sweater, light jacket or warm wrap but if you walk, it is quite pleasant.

So far, we love the weather and our neighbor says that it does not get much colder than this.  Looking at the forecast however, we can see some colder weather and rain, yes, rain! coming next week.  We will be sure to report on that event!!

The picture below is yesterday in Malaga.  Just a fantastic city half hour from Nerja where we plan to go often during our winter stay.


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