How can mobile phone rates be so much cheaper in Spain than in Canada?


Getting a phone number and data plan for Spain was super easy.  There are several cellular phone stores in Nerja with staff who speaks perfect English or French.  We selected Digi Mobil LTE coverage which met our needs of a plan with 2GB of data, unlimited texts between us and 400 minutes of phone calls anywhere in the world.  This is more than what we need.

The cost is 10 Euros per phone or $15 CDN per month, a total of $30 per month for both our phones. We could have 5GB each for $40CDN which we don’t really need. By comparison, our plans in Canada charges us $115 per month for both of us for 4GB each and that is for the super preferred Long-term customer Rogers plans.

Why are cell phone charges so expensive in Canada?  The difference is huge!!

While we are away, we have turned off our phone service in Canada but had to pay $7 per phone per month to be able to keep our phone numbers.

Mobile phone services are another item to add to the long list of less expensive costs in Spain compared to Canada. Apart from the cost of getting here and our accommodation, we are saving money living in Spain!


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