A Goat herd right in our backyard!

61AC8B91-AD75-4640-9E11-21342601B642Our costa del sol home is in Nerja and only 20m minures walk from the town centro, yet we had a goat herd passing through right by on Sunday.  The herd apparently pass by regularly.  You do feel close to nature and in “the campo” here even if this town is not that small. About 18,000 people live in Nerja permanently, the vast majority being Spanish and it triples in the summer months.  Luckily, we are here in the winter months.  It is now November and the tourist areas are shutting down in parts.  The Spanish core stayed open and lively.  We love here so far and feel right at home wandering around, going for lunch, walking Amy Lou and enjoying the warm sun. Unfortunately, I could not upload the video and just took a screen shot.  Sorry for the poor quality.


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