Our 6 months in Spain adventure is about to begin!

We are two newly retired financial planners from Vancouver, Canada.  We retired on June 30, 2017 after a 28 year carreer in the financial and investment industry.  We owned and managed a full financial planning service firm with 4 wonderful employees.  We planned long and well for a confortable retirement and always liked the idea of spending a few months away during the grey and wet winter months of the Pacific North West.

I always dreamt of living in Europe, so for our first adventure, I convinced my husband Terry to go spend the winter months in sunny Spain.  He was not hard to convince.  He too loves the bright sunshine and European travels.

We are leaving Monday Oct 30 from Vancouver with a layover in Amsterdam to give our dog Amy Lou a chance to recover from her first flight.  We then fly to Malaga on November 1st.  We will be staying 5 months in Nerja, see picture above.  This is a lovely little town 30 min east of Malaga. The last month will be spent in Porto and Malaga. Stay tuned, I will update you on our journey!

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